Centro Cultural y Parque Educativo La Carcova
_B.Sc Architecture and Urban Planning thesis proposal with Annika Sieblitz
An open field prevails empty on the edge of Villa La Carcova, one of the poorest informal settlements of the Buenos Aires suburban area of San Martin. Waldemar Cubilla, ex-convict, sociologist and resident of La Carcova saw an opportunity years ago to begin a project on this open field, and decided to inaugurate the first “popular library” of the district.  By gradually taking possession of land and erecting a building he has initiated a process of transformation in the villa. The Biblioteca Popular La Carcova is much more than just a library. It is an instigator of social change in a district whose residents lack of basic resources such as access to water, sanitation, education, culture or security.
Our proposal attempts to give shape to Waldemar’s dream of going way beyond the physical condition of the current library, and projects the open field as an educational campus, where every space should play a role on the  future development of the residents of the district. A series of pavillion-like entities spread through the site, offering different solutions to each of the needs and wishes of the villa.                        
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